Despite the lack of 5G network, many 5G smartphones were launched in India this year

Smartphone manufacturer xioami India launched its first 5G smartphone in India in January 2021. xiaomi's first 5g smartphone was mi 10i.After which all the smartphone companies started launching their 5G smartphones in India.Despite India does not have a 5G network yet, a lot of 5G smartphones have been launched in India this year.
Phone's life is over but did not get a chance to use 5G

People who bought 5G smartphone as soon as it was launched, they still have not got a chance to use 5G network, because After using the smartphone for a year , those smart phones start having problems like hanging ,storage full , battery drainage.

When will 5G launch in India?

 No one has the exact answer for 5g launching in India.  All telecom companies have been given spectrum for trial.  The first trial ended in November this year and now the trial has been extended.
Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio are trying 5G on a war footing but there is currently no exact information available about when they will be made available to the general public.  The government has not yet fixed any date for the launch of 5G.

5G network in India is still in trial and its trial will run till May 2022.  There is no news about the commercial launch of 5G in India, but smartphone companies are continuously launching their 5G smartphones in the market.  Despite the lack of 5G network, 5G phones are being launched in the Indian market continuously for two years.  

Some companies have stopped launching 4G smartphones. Companies like Xiaomi, Realme, Motorola and Vivo have now stopped launching 4G phones.  Now domestic companies have also entered in this.

Xiaomi and Realme have more than 10 5G smartphones

 It would not be wrong to say that the Indian 5G smartphone market is occupied by only Chinese companies.  Xiaomi and Realme have launched more than 50 5G smartphones in the name of Future Ready in India in the last two years, while the 5G network is not known.  Oppo also has more than five 5G smartphones that are being sold in the Indian market.  All the phones in Apple's iPhone 12 and 13 series support 5G and the same is the case with OnePlus.  Samsung India also has 10-15 5G smartphones.  Motorola and Vivo also have many 5G smartphones which are being sold in India.


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