If your mobile is lost, then do this work faster, otherwise the bank account may be empty

Mobile holds all your personal data .Nowadays banking transactions are also done through mobile. If your mobile is lost, then all your personal data and transaction related information can also fall in the wrong hands.If your mobile is lost, then do this work faster, otherwise your bank account may be empty.
Report in the police station

In the police station, report if your mobile has been stolen or lost it, then report it to your nearest police station. So if someone misuse it, you may not have harm.

Block your phone from CEIR portal
 Apart from this, you can get the stolen or lost mobile blocked through the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) portal.  Along with this, the phone can also be tracked with its help.

Also block access to mobile wallet
 It is also very important to block access to the bank account as well as the mobile wallet in case the phone is stolen or lost.  Because you use it for payment in many places and here your bank details are saved.

block mobile banking
 Block the bank accounts that you have accessed in the smartphone with the help of laptop or any other phone.  So that no one can misuse your account.  For this, if you want, you can also get the account access turned off by calling the bank.

Get SIM card blocked immediately
 After the smartphone is lost or stolen, the first thing you have to do is to block your SIM card.  So that if the phone has gone into the wrong hands and your bank details are being tampered with, then the OTP on the SIM does not reach.  After blocking the SIM, you can get the same number activated later in the new SIM.  You can get this work done by calling the customer care of the telecom company.


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