How to Get License for Gun, Revolver or Rifle

How to Get License for Gun, Revolver or Rifle

Many people want to keep a gun or revolver for their safety, but they do not know how to get a license for gun or a revolver. Let’s tell you How to Get License for Gun, Revolver or Rifle.
How to Get License for Gun, Revolver or Rifle
How to apply for arms license

If you also want to apply for a license for arms, you will first have to fill in ‘Form A’, which is given under the Arms Rules, 1962.
All types of licenses are obtained from this form. The application has to be downloaded from the website and submitted in the office giving the license of arms with the supporting documents, which comes under the DM or Deputy Commissioner of your area or the Police Commissioner.
How to Get License for Gun, Revolver or Rifle

Which documents will be submitted

The person giving the license can demand different documents according to your weapon and the need.

However, you must give your identity, address, age and fitness proof. Also, you must also tell which weapon you want to buy. Apart from this, you will have to give pictures of two passport sizes.
How to Get License for Gun, Revolver or Rifle
How many days will you get the license

According to the data available on the website of the Home Ministry, there is no time limit for obtaining license.

The licensing process is quite complex and it is different for different weapons. However, according to some licensed people, licenses can be received within a month, while some get licenses for a year.

Can the license application be rejected

If there is any objection to the person licensed from your application then your application can be rejected.

However, if you want, you may be given full information to dismiss the application of your license on your demand.

On the other hand, if the licensing officer thinks that ,the reason for the application is not in the public interest then, he can also refuse to explain the reason.

You may also want to appeal against rejecting your application under Section 6 of Arms Act, 1959 and rule 5 of Arms Rule 1962.

Where can we carry weapons

Normally, you get the license of arms only for your state, but if you wish, under Rule 53 of the Arms Rule 1962, you can extend it to the whole country and take your weapon throughout the country anywhere.

However, all the states and Union Territories have been told to make sure to talk to the Home Ministry before extending the licenses of anyone to the whole country. You can read this document issued by the Home Ministry for more information.

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