Jobs for Indians on Facebook and you can also apply

Jobs for Indians on Facebook and you can also apply

In the world’s largest social media company Facebook, there is an opportunity for Indians to get a job.

Facebook has released many jobs for crores of rupees for Indians, for whom you can apply directly.
Jobs for Indians on Facebook and you can also apply
The company has applied for six posts in India, for which only Indians can apply.
According to these applications extracted on LinkedIn, the company has tied up with the Vertical Head for the e-commerce, Head of Creative Strategy, Director for Small and Small Industries,Platform Partnership Partner, India and South Asia with Public Policy Manager and Media Institutions.
Partnership Manager is included for this.The company has got all applications for Gurgaon. The e-commerce head will have to lead the Facebook team and it would be the main goal of this to increase revenues for this business.

For the other posts, the company has also written about eligibility and their role in detail.
The company has also been searching for its Indian Head since last one year, but no qualified person has been found for this post so far.

Facebook has over 25 million users in India. Therefore, the company wants to find someone who can take the business of the company to a new height in India.

Earlier, the company has also applied for head and policy manager for its social messaging platform Whatsapp.

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