Know about the greece country of the Great Sikandar

The voters of Greece, surrounded by debt burden, have refused to accept the terms of the bailout being imposed by European countries in the referendum.

After this decision, Greece can also be outside of the Eurozone. The Greece government is talking about reducing the burden of debt by 30 percent.

There can be two ways to either forgive Greece’s debt or increase the amount of repayment of debt. However the greece country of the Great Sikandar is really interesting:

1. Greece is situated in southern Europe. In the north, there are Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania, then Turkey in the east. It is a group of islands located in the northeast of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are 2000 islands in Greece, of whom 170 people live. You might be surprised to know that the coastal line of Greece is 13,676 km long. Greece is officially called the Hellenic Republic.

2. The population of Greece is about 11,304,000. About 40 percent of the country’s population lives in the capital Athens. UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Acropolis of Athens and Duffney Monastery are also in Athens.

3. Athens is counted among the oldest cities in Europe. First of all people lived here 7000 years ago.

4. The most famous temple in Greece is Parthenon which was built in 438 BC. This temple is worshiped by Goddess ‘Athena’.

5. Turkey Ottoman Empire occupied Greece in 453 AD. After living in the Ottoman Empire in 376 years it became free in 1829.

6. Concepts of Maths such as Pythagoras, Archimedes and Apollonius and the Greeks of Equilibrium.

7. Greece is considered to be the birth place of the Olympic Games. The first Olympic Games were held here in 776 BC. Here’s the national sport football.

8.Greece is the birthplace of Sikandar the Great. He was the Greek ruler of Macedonia (Macedonia). He is also known as Alexandre III and Alexander Macedonian.

He had won every land till his death, whose information was from ancient Greek people. That is why he is called World Winner.

He had conquered the territory of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phineasia, Judea, Gaza, Bactria and Punjab in India. It is called Eskandar-e-Makduni (Alexander of Macedonia) in Persian and Alexander the Great in Hindi.

9. Greece is the third largest producer of olives in the world. Not only this, 7 percent of the world’s used marbles are produced in Greece.

10. The Navy of Greece is the world’s largest navy. 15.17 per cent of the world’s ships are in Greece alone.

11. Mittica located on Mount Olympus is the highest point in Greece. This is in the Thassle area of ​​North East Greece. It is at a height of 9,577 feet from the ground. It is said that the mythical goddesses live here.

12. It is said that most of Greece’s population is superstitious.

13. The lowest percentage of countries in Europe is Greece.

14. By October 2012, 26.8 percent of the population of Greece was unemployed.

15. The summer of Greece is quite good. There is a sunny day for about 250 days.

16. The official language of Greece is Greek. Apart from this, the Albanian, Turkish, Bulgarian and Macedonian are also spoken here.

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