Modified vehicle banned in india

Modified jeep or modification banned in india

Modified vehicles have been banned in India. If you also do modification in your two-wheeler or car and change its parts,  then your vehicle’s registration can be canceled.

Modified jeep or modification banned in india

>This is the main point of this decision …

>You can not modify the tires in your vehicles. You can not increase the tire size of your vehicle.

>Under this decision, it would be illegal to modify the vehicles to show them sporty or luxury, in which the transport authority will recover the fines or can also cancel the registration of the vehicle.

>Justice Mishra’s Bench further said that only prototype vehicles which are being run by vehicle companies as testing of road eligibility and safety features, such vehicles will be exempted, but the vehicles whose specifications are not obtained by specification by the manufacturer are not registered. 

Modified SUV

>At the same time, if the old engine is being replaced by a new engine, it will have to first take a permit from the registration authority but there will be no registration in case of any disturbance.

Modified landi jeep or open jeep

>There is no restriction on the use of CNG kit in the car unless there is no change in the structure of the vehicle.

>The Supreme Court said in its order that according to the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act, the basic structure of the vehicle is a violation of the ‘tampering’ law. According to the Supreme Court, if there is any modification with a vehicle, then the registration of the vehicle can be canceled. This rule applies to almost all vehicles, cars, bikes, buses and trucks.

>The Supreme Court has stated in its order that according to Section 52 (1) of the Motor Wheel Act, it is necessary to maintain original specifications and features provided by the automobile manufacturers. 

>Under the rule, any type of modification with the exterior or engine in the car or bike is illegal. Registration of such vehicles can be canceled, such vehicles which have been modified in their car or bike or any other vehicle after registration.


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